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This feature is available only in the versions of the program that have enabled the hospital modules

Beds Calendar are available under the Records tab. The button should be press in the ribbon.

This viewer's purpose is to easily admit new inpatients or move\extend stay for the existing ones

In the image bellow there are displayed 2 wards(General and Gynecology), each with 2 rooms, and each room with a set of beds. Each Ward displays the bed occupancy (General 1/6 means 1 bed out of 7 is occupied on the selected date)

Each horizontal blue line in the calendar represents the patient's admission period. That can be extended by resizing the blue line, or moved to other room by dragging it to another room's slot

Filter Inpatients

Use the left sidebar to filter the rooms and beds to be displayed. You can filter by date, ward and room type

Admit Inpatients

Double click on the time slot where you want to admit a new patient. The Inpatient Admission editor will open to select the patient and enter the time interval

Change admission period or move to other room

There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Resize the blue line on the time line to extend the period. To move to other room simply drag and drop the inpatient into another room slot.

2. The other way is right click on the inpatient and select Edit. Use the Inpatient Admission editor to make the changes

Discharge an inpatient or Jump to Patient Chart

1. Right click on the inpatient and choose Discharge

2. Right click on the inpatient and choose Patient Chart