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Available under the Tools tab.

The Copy to USB Wizard is the tool that copies the program, the default Access database and the settings files to the Portable Drive.

Copy to USB Wizard

Wizard Options:

1. Removable Drive
In the Removable Drive combo box, select the drive where you want to make the copy. You must have the Portable Device connected to you machine in order to selected it in the combo box.

2. Destination Folder
In the Destination Folder text box you can choose to which folder on the Portable Drive you want to make the copy. We recommend leaving this field with the default text.

3. Download Prerequisites
The Prerequisites are programs that must be installed on the host machine where the application will run. These are Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and MDAC ( Microsoft Data Access Components ).

By default, on running the program from a portable device, the program will check if the Prerequisites are installed on the host machine. If not, it will download and install them.

By checking Download Prerequisites, a copy of the Prerequisites will be downloaded to the Portable Drive. If you plan the use the application on hosts without Internet connection we recommend to check this field.

You can anytime download the Prerequisites from the download section of our website.

4. Copy the Default Database
The default database is the MS Access db.mdb database that is created on the installation of the program, and is typically the database you are working with. Check Copy the Default Database if you want to copy it to the Removable Drive. If on running, the application will find no database on the removable drive, it will create an empty one for you.

5. Automatically start the Application when the USB is connected
Check this field if you want the program to start automatically when you connect the Portable Device.

Note that the Autoplay function must be enabled on your operating system.

Usage Recommendation
We strongly recommend to close the Application before disconnecting or removing the Portable Drive.




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