Dicom Setup

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This feature is available only in the higher tiers of the program

Dicom Setup is available under under Administration  -> Dicom Setup

Add new DICOM Provider

1.  Press the New Provider  button to manually add new entry

2.  Next choose the provider type or a predefined provider to a demo server:



3. Next, in the opened DICOM Provider Editor, fill out the details for your DICOM server and press Save and Close.


Edit existing Form Template

1. Double-click on any record in the list in order to edit it

Delete an existing Form Template

1. Select a template item and click the Delete button on the toolbar.
2. Click Yes in the confirmation box. 

DICOM Credentials

The providers which support credentials can be used as follows:

1. With the default credentials entered in the DICOM Provider Editor
2. Or with separate credentials depending on the logged in user. In this sense:

  2.1. Each user can change his DICOM credentials from User Profile -> Change Dicom Credentials

  2.2. Or and administrator can add\change credentials for a provider\user pair, from Administration->Dicom Setup->Credentials