Field Template Designer

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The Field Designer allows you to define in broad lines the field properties and how it should behave in form instances

Using of the Editor

1. Name - the name by which the field will be displayed. Note that actual field label can be changed regardless of this name

2. Type - the value type of the field, e.g. Text, Integer, Decimal, etc

3. Default Editor - when editing values of this field, which should be default editor. The actual editor can be changed in Form Template Designer

4. Category - the category drives where the field is displayed ( e.g. Vitals are displayed under Vitals section in the Timeline)

   Also the category defined is the field is Unique Value field or not. More at Field Categories

6. Tag - these should be used only for faster selection of fields when designing form templates

7. Values - for quick entry, you can enter a list of values which can be quickly selected on data entry

8. When done, click Save and Close. Your template is ready to be used in Form Template Designer.