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This integration enables the users of the system the following:

1. Receive health care messages from HealthLink medics in New Zealand,

2. Send Patient Documents to other HealthLink users

Setup the HealthLink data provider

1. Navigate to Channels

2. Next select Data Providers and click New as bellow:


3. Next select HealthLinkNZ and press OK as bellow:



  You will be prompted to select the hms_config.xml file in the HealthLink network shared folder.

  Browse your network shares on the computers which runs the HealthLink program, and select the file


This will create automatically the ready configured HealthLink DataProvider with two HealhLink channels: the Observation Result Channel,  the Referral Channel and the new Status Report channel


These channel have the role to both read incoming messages from HealthLink and to enable you to send documents through HealthLink


Setup Notifications on Received Documents

1. Go to Channels and double click on the Observation Result Channel as bellow:


2. In the opened window, click Properties button in the Source tab


3. Next enter the users or groups in the system which should be notified when a new patient document  is created:


  When done, press OK and Save and Close the channel.

Make sure you do the same for the Referral Channel and the Status Report  too


Sending Documents through HealthLink channels

1. To send, simply go to Patient Chart->Documents, and open a document by double click. Next press the Send to Channel button ( ) as bellow:


2. Next enter the required parameters:


In the opened windows, you can choose the following:

2.1. Channel – always choose Status Report in order to send PDFs

2.2. Recipient – to whom you send the document. If the recipient is already in the system, type here part of his name in order to selected. Otherwise press New to add a new recipient

2.3. Recipient ID – this is the HealthLink ID of your recipient. It will be autocompleted from the selected Recipient. Note that it is mandatory and should be entered correctly

2.4. Recipient Health Identifier – this is the NZMC code of the recipient.  It will be autocompleted from the selected Recipient. Note that it is mandatory and should be entered correctly

2.5. Sender ID – this is your Health Link ID, either as medic or as practice

2.6. Sender Health Identifier – this is your NZMC code, either as medic or as practice

Once the 6 fields are filled, press the Send Now button. This will create an outgoing message in your Outbox, which will be processed shortly after. Once the message is processed, it is moved into the Sent folder

It seems that HealthLink requires that only PDF files to be sent. In this sense we do provide automatic conversion to PDF from Word, RFT, TXT or image documents.

Note that you must have Microsoft Word 2007 or higher installed for the conversion to work

So you can create your Word Documents right in the program ( typically from templates) and the system will send them as PDF. More about Word Document Templates you have at Patient Document Templates

HealthLink IDs and Recipients

As specified in the previous point, both your HealthLink ID and your recipient's has to be entered correctly in order for HealthLink to process the messages

You can add new Recipients and their ID when sending a message. Also you can edit the recipients’ ID separately from Administration->External Medics by opening  and external medic:

You can view all the HealthLink accounts of your recipients in Channels->DataProviders