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Patient Documents is available under the Records tab, or under the Patient Chart

You can attach any types of files to the patient, as Patient Documents. For the most popular ones (Word, PDF, images) the program offers in line view or editing. You can also use Word templates to quickly a preformed document.

Viewing to Patient Documents in the Records Tab

1. To manage the patient documents, select a patient. You can choose a patient by any one of the following methods:

2. Click the Search Patient button on the toolbar. You can select a patient from the list of recorded patients.

3. Type one or more keywords in the Patient text box and click the Search Patient button on the toolbar. This lists the patients matching the specified keywords.


How to use the Patient Documents viewer

1. The viewer can be used to view the records of all patients with All Patients pressed, or

2. View the records of a single patient. Click Search Patient to filter by patient

3. Additionally you can filter by a date range with

4. Or do searches by pressing the  button and typing your search text

Adding a Patient Document

1. Click the Add Patient Document on the toolbar.

2. Enter a Title.

3. Choose the content based on the available options. You can open an existing document, create a blank document and enter the content, or capture documents from media devices.

4. Click Save and Close to save the record.

Adding from a Template

1. Select the template in the list. You can filter out templates by name. You also can Create New or Import Predefined templates

2. Click OK

3. The Patient Document Editor will open with the in line document. Here you can change the content of the document or fields like title, date or tags

4. Click Save and Close to save the record.

Depending on the template, you may need MS Word or Excel installed to view or edit the files inline

Editing a Patient Document

1. Select a patient document and click the Edit button on the toolbar. Based on the document type, the document opens in the Patient Document editor.

2. Edit the document. After editing the document, save the changes.


Deleting a Patient Document

1. Select a document and click the Delete button on the toolbar.

2. Click the Yes button to confirm. The selected document is deleted.

Lab documents

You can specify if a certain document is Lab document by checking the Is Lab Document check box. If the lab test are completed, check the Lab Tests Completed check box.

In the lists, the following icons will apply to lab documents:

- - tests not completed

- - tests completed