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The Patient Manager applications are Portable. You can use them independently from USB Removable Drives or other Removable Devices.

Status Bar on Portable Devices  - the Status Bar signals that the application is used from a Portable Drive.

What is portable?

The following can be portable:

1. The Patient Manager program - these are files needed to run. The portable program can connect to any database

2. The database - only Access database can be portable and they have a size limit of 2GB

How to Run from Portable Devices

To Run the application from a Portable Drive, first you must put it on that drive. This can be accomplished by copying it to the removable drive. Once that the application is on the Portable Drive, you can run it, usually by starting the start.bat file in the program folder.

Read more about installing in Copy to USB Wizard

Where is the Database on the Portable Drive

The default Database of the program will be located in the Data subfolder of the program folder. For example, if you copied to "h:\[Company]\Patient Manager\" folder, the default Database and settings files will be located in the "h:\[Company]\Patient Manager\Data\" folder.

Strong Recommendations

We strongly recommend to close the Application before disconnecting or removing the Portable Drive. This prevents possible corruption of you database.

Also, we strongly recommend to make periodic backups of your Database located on the Portable Drive. By default for Access databases, on every database optimization that is ran twice a month, we create a backup file located in the same folder as the database file.

How fast the Application will Run from a Portable Drive?

The speed of the Application is entirely dependent on the speed of the drive where it is hosted and the speed of the drive or machine where the Database is hosted. When run on older USB drives you might experience slower program execution than on the hard drive.

About Prerequisites

The Prerequisites are programs that must be installed on the host machine where the application will run. These are Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and MDAC ( Microsoft Data Access Components ). If you don't have them installed, the Prerequisites will be installed automatically on first program run from the Portable Drive.

Read more about this topic in Copy to USB Wizard.


To run the Applications from a Portable Device, you must have a License for the host machine where the application is connected.
However, if no License is found on the host, the program will run in Readonly mode, and you will be able to view all your records.



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