Records Permissions

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More Permissions is available under Administration -> More Permissions

The More Permission section allows the administrators to manage the access to objects in the database. In the image above, the calendars of user Admin are visible only for the Managers group

These feature helps to enforce the privacy of information. For example, a medic can set that all his records are accessible but not editable to other users.

How to change object permissions

1. Select the user in the left list. On the right panel will appear the object permissions of that user

2. You can change the Read permission in the following manner

2.1. Check the Everybody option - to make the records public

2.2. Check the Just User option - to make the records accessible only for the selected user

2.3. Check the Select ... option - to fine tune who has access to the records

2.3.1. Select Groups - allow a list of groups that can have access

2.3.2. Select Users - allow a list of users that can have access

These operations are available only for users in the Administrators group.

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