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Purchase Returns viewer is available under the Purchases tab

A purchase (supplier) return is a return of purchased items to a supplier. Upon a return, a credit note is issued from the supplier, with the total value of the returned items. Credit notes can be later used to reconcile other purchases from the same supplier, in a similar manner as the Supplier Payments

Adding a New Supplier Return

1. Click the New button on the toolbar.

2. Enter information in the text boxes. Use the Tab key to move to the next text box.

3. Click the Save and Close button to save the record.

4. Optionally you can create a credit note on closing


Editing a Supplier Return

1. Select a return in the viewer and click the Edit button on the toolbar. The Purchase Return Editor opens.

2. Modify the return details and click the Save and Close button to update the modifications.


Deleting a Return

1. Select a return in the viewer and click the Delete button on the toolbar.

2. Click the Yes button to confirm. The selected return is deleted.


Removing a purchase return removes all the records linked to that return