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This article describes how to sync your main database with an Access database on a portable USB device.

Note that on the portable device you can only host Access database, which has a size limit of 2GB

1. Install the database and application to USB Drive

Create a new MS Access database on the USB drive. If you are currently using an Access database, you can use the Tools->Copy to USB tool.

2. Create the Database Sync

1. Go to Tools -> Database Syncs in the main menu.
2. In the opened viewer, press the New Database Sync button and create the Database Sync.
3. Once created, double-click on it to edit it.
4. Click on the Change link, situated under the Remote Database label.
5. With the Database Connection Wizard:
- select the Access database on the Portable Drive.
- on the Authentication in the System page, in the Username textbox type Admin ( If you have set up users previously, type the User and Password on which account the synchronization will take place )
- click the Finish to close the Wizard

3. Run the Synchronization

Click the Synchronize button to run the Synchronization. Optionally you can click the Preview button, to see what objects were changed.