Tests Setup

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Tests Setup is available under Administration

Here you can setup the lab and imaging (radiology) tests in the system. Once the tests are created they will appear in the the Lab or Imaging(Radiology) module. Note that in Administration->Permissions there is a group Imaging which has access only to the Imaging module. The same for Laboratory

Add new Test

1. Click on the Lab entry

2. In the opened viewer click New. The Lab Test Editor will open:

3. Using the Lab Test Editor

3.1. Type the Name of the bed, typically a number

3.2. Select the Group or the Test . If none available click the button to create a new group

3.3. When finished click Save and Close. The test is saved

Other fields:

Is Billable  - when checked this test will be associated with a billing Item

Bill with Item with the same name - the item with the exact same name will be used in billing

Bill with specified Item - another item will be used in billing

Allow Billing of Requests - when checked, after a test request was ordered, it will automatically appear in the Billable Items in Patient Chart -> Billing

This feature is available only in the versions of the program that have enabled the hospital modules