Using the Growth Chart template

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To use the Growth Chart template you need the MS Excel installed

Import the template from the Predefined Templates

1. Open the Template Selector as described in Patient Document Templates

2. Click Import Predefined Templates , select Pediatrics and choose one the Growth Chart templates. You can preview them by selecting and pressing the Preview button

3. Press the Import button to import the template

Should you need any help in creating your own templates, feel free to contact us

Using the Template

1. Select the imported template in the list and press OK

2. Patient Document Editor will open with Excel embedded in the window and the template open

3. Enter the Child Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Weigh and Height at birth

4. On each measurement, enter date of the measurement, the weight and the height in the table. Use only the blue columns

5. The excel file will automatically compute the growth charts that are either bellow or on other sheets

6. Save the changes press Save and Close

7. You can print or export the excel file from Excel's File menu