Dokterkulitku Clinic - Indonesia - Case Study

About the client

Main Office:
Apotek Anda, Ruko Bandar D-5
Balikpapan, East Borneo



Branches in Balikpapan:
Apotek 'S'
Dokterkulitku Premium Clinic

Branches in Jakarta:
Dokterkulitku Jakarta

Skin Care
Body Contouring
Slimming Services


1. Reception
2. Waiting Room
3. VIP waiting Room
4. Kids Area
5. Primary Consultation Room
6. Secondary Consultation Room
7. Procedure Room
8. Treatment Rooms
9. Laser Room
10. Radiofrequency Room
11. Slimming Room



Dr. Simon's main request was the synchronizing the patient records from all the branches of the clinic, the branches beeing connected between them only by Dropbox

The implementation consists in:
- a server with MySQL database in each branch
- 17 workstations running Patient Manager Standard
- each server is in sync with a dropbox\cloud folder


Patient Manager Standard was extended upon request with:

1. Dropbox\Cloud synchronization
2. Optimized data entry with keyboard shortcuts
3. Fields names customization
4. Custom demographics layout
5. Extra notifications to other users on patient checkout

What is the customer saying

"We work with small but efficient team per shift, our team can serve 100 patient in 3 hours. After 5 year operational the bottle neck is usualy on the reception, where we have to search medical records among thousands that we gather in 5years. The medical record room also can no more accomodate all the books that keep growing in number.

All this time We hesitate to go digital, because using books slows down our fast pace. We need a System that can accomodate our needs:

1. Fast and sleek, keyboard shortcuts preferable
2. Translatable to our native language
3. Able to sync medical records through all our branches, with minimal internet usage and doesnt require fast internet connection.
4. Able to move patient from one room to another
5. Can accomodate Self Service station for patient to register
6. Every process should be minimum in steps
7. Affordable
8. Could notify Receptionist when patient is done
9. Printer friendly to use for Barcoding, printing prescription and Instructions

How we use it?
You already know how we use it :D Patient Manager accomodate all our needs"


All this time we hesitate to use Digital Medical Records because of the time consuming nature when inputing on computer compared with writing on paper. When trying Patient Manager Demo version, even the standard version already could accomodate mostly of our needs.

Vertikal System's Support team is very responsive in helping out for every problem that we encounter while learning the program. And also very accomodating customization for specific features that we requested

We found that PM has a lot of features which exceeded our expectation, and can even make the process in our clinic more faster and even more easier

The questionaire really helps to make faster anamnesis faster without typing only clicking, and also to make sure every point is not forgotten to asked. The Questionaire also can be modified, so we customize it to be as a personalized Skin Care Instruction for every each patient that can be easily printed a click away

Dr. Arthur S. Simon
Dokterkulitku Clinic

Dropbox/cloud syncing has benefit of making a backup of database on cloud (and cheap solution compared using RAID configuration), and also syncing patient's database for all our branches, while using very low bandwidth on our not so fast internet connection.

Keyboard shortcuts make inputing and navigating in Patient Manager so fast. which at the end make us need less time inputing medical report on Patient Manager compared when we still user paper and Medical Records book!

Check ins and Resources help us circulating patient without the need to have personnel to move the books, all are a click away, nurses/medic also get notification when a patient is coming

It's an investment thats totallyworth it, very affordable compared to other system, highly customizable with a accommodative and helpful support team. Easy to use, easy for staff to learn, sleek and fast, provide everything that a multiple room clinic need, even works also on multi clinic scenario, with cloud backup as a bonus"