Billing Adjustments

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Billing Adjustments viewer is available under the Company tab

Using this feature you can apply adjustments to in-patient invoices, by billing less or more. You can specify the percent of the total invoice that will be additionally charged.

Setting the Adjustment for Inpatients


1. Click the Billing Adjustments in the Company tab

2. Check the Invoice Adjustments for Inpatients

3. Select the item of how the adjustment will appear on the invoice

4. Enter the percentage of the adjustment relative the the invoice total. For negative adjustments enter a negative percentage

5. Press Save Changes button to save the adjustment

Using the Adjustments

When building and invoice from Patient Chart->Billing->Billable Items the adjustment will automatically apply to the invoice if the patient is inpatient, as bellow:

When the invoice is built manually in the Invoice Editor or new items are added in the Invoice Editor, you can add, remove or update the adjustment by pressing the adjustment links bellow the invoice lines: