Company Setup

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Company name, logo, address

You can enter your company details using the Company command under the Company tab


A location is a physical location in your company. Each location has its own inventory of stocks and optionally can have its own sale prices.

You can manage locations from Locations under the Company tab

Active currencies

The active currencies are the currencies that you can use when entering financial documents. To change the active state use the Currencies command under the Administration tab.

Items, Prices and Stocks

Populate your database with your items and prices in Items under the Company tab. You can add them one by one using the Item Editor or import them from CSV files. Once created you can set the initial stock for each location.

To import treatments, the AVAILABLE_AS_TREATMENT column in the csv file should be 1. For drugs the AVAILABLE_AS_DRUG column should be 1.

Name and date formats

From Administration -> Settings you can set the patient name format and the date display format. These changes are database wide and will apply to all the users.