Copayer Invoicing

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Build the invoices from Patient Chart

1. Go to Patient Chart -> Billing and in the Billable Items section press the Build Invoice button ( you'll need some billable items previously added to the list )

2. If the current Patient has a single valid Copayer Plan, it will automatically be applied to the invoice

3. If the patient has multiple valid plans, the program will prompt you to choose which one to apply


     4. Next the Invoice Editor will open with the coverages and discounts of the selected plan. If no plan is selected, the opened invoice will open without the applying the plan


Apply a Copayer plan to a new Invoice

1. Go to Billing -> Invoices and create a new invoice

2. Select a patient which has one or more plans. The program will automatically select the first found copayer and plan, as bellow

  Note that not plan is applied. To apply a plan, add all the items in the invoice, and click the Apply button to apply the plan


3. Enter the invoiced items to the list

4. When done, apply the plan by pressing the Apply button

5. Optionally you can choose other copayer or plan to apply, or you can apply Fixed % as bellow

6. When done, click Save and Close