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Using of the Copayer Plan Editor

1. Name - specifies the name of the plan. It is mandatory

2. Affiliate - specifies the Copayer Affiliate associated with the plan. Affiliates can be edited from Copayer->Affiliates section in the ribbon

3. Expiry Date - the program will consider a plan as valid until the expiry date

4. Coverage - represents the percent of the fixed amount covered by the copayer

5. Discount - represents the percent of the fixed amount discounted

6. Members tab - is the list of members of this plan. Use Add Member button to add new members and Remove button to remove members from the list

7. Item tab - is the list items that have special coverage or discount inside this plan. 

Note that the coverage and discount fields apply to any item in the database. In the Items tab you should specify only items that should be handled with coverage or discount different from the plan's values