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This feature permits the automatic calculation of total prescribed tablets, vials and so on, based on the dosage, frequency and the number of days from the prescription.

The formula is

DosageMultiplier * FrequencyMultiplier * Days = Refills = Drug Quantity in Billable Items

Enabling the automatic calculation

The feature has to be enabled by an administrator for all users, from Administration->Settings, as by checking the box bellow

Dosage multiplier

The dosage multiplier is the number of tablets on a single administration. It can be defined from Drug Dosages

Allow fractional total prescribed quantity

- when not checked, the prescription will round the total prescribed quantity. Typically the case of tablets

- when checked, the prescription that uses this dosage will allow fractional values. Typically the case of syrups or bottles

Frequency multiplier

The frequency multiplier is the number times per day, that the drugs should be administered. It can be defined from Drug Frequencies

Entering the medication

Bellow is an example of auto calculation of the refills

If you enter numbers in the Dosage and Frequency fields, the entered numbers will be used for the calculations

3. Billable Items

The calculated refills will be available in the Billable Items