Email Medic Appointments Reports

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You can configure channels which periodically send to medics Excel reports with their appointments

To setup the scheduled email sending you will need to create a channel for each medic you want to send the messages.  

1. Go to Channels and press New

2. In the opened window, select Destinations tab. Next press Add New Destination and select the type as Medic Appointments as bellow:

3. Next check  which medics calendars you want to send here, the destination email, and the email credentials with which you want to sent the email. If you send to a medic, check only one medic and enter his email address under TO.

   To send to yourself all the appointments, check all medics and enter your email under TO

   You can press Run Now to send a test

4. To finalize, enter some meaningful name and set the scheduling to daily:

You will find not yet sent messages in Channels->Outbox, and sent ones in Channels->Inbox

Under Channels->Log you can view what run and eventual error messages