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You can find the integration in Consultation Editor as above

By default the system will display on the left sidebar the following Form Categories: Review of Systems, Vitals and Physical Exam.

The entries here and their order can be change from Layout commands

The main view of the Consultation will display the forms related to the selected category. These can be changed for each user from Layout commands

To apply changes to the values, simply edit in the specified fields, and when done press Save and Close


1. Edit Template - will open the Form Template Designer and you can design the layout of the current template

Edit Template command is enabled only for Administrator users

2. Layout -> Manager Layout - allows each user to choose which form templates to show in the selected category and in what order

3. Layout -> Add Form - allows the adding of another template in the selected category

4. Layout -> Manage Categories in Sidebar - allows the adding of other categories in the left sidebar or the removal of existing

Quick Video Tutorial

Available at Edit Form in Consultation and Forms Layout in Consultation