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Message are available under the Records tab. The button should be press in the ribbon.

About Messages

Messages are texts that can be sent to users or groups of the system.

The message can be viewed and managed in a manner similar with email messages:

Inbox - the list of received and not archived messages

Sent - the list of sent messages

All - the list of all received messages, archived and not archived


When you will receive new message you will be notified in the system tray.


If you need sound notifications, you can enable them from Administration->Settings

Sending from editors

Created objects can be opened and you can send them as attachment to your message, by pressing the icon on the upper right corner

Bellow is the received message, with the consultation link available for the recipient

Sending from context menu

You can right click the main objects of the system, and have available the Send Message command. Sending a message in this manner, will attach the information about the selected object to the message. This information will be visible to the recipient