Multiple Calendars

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Manage your Calendars set

Call the Calendars Manager by pressing the My Calendars or Calendars under the button



 Each user will have permission to manage his own calendars. Administrators will be able to manage all calendars


To create a new Calendar

1. Press the New Calendar button.

2. The Calendar Editor will be displayed.

3. Specify a Name and a Description.

4. Set the Calendar as being a private one by checking the Private check box or use the Sharing option from toolbar in order to define custom sharing.


To share your calendar

1. Go to My Calendars.

2. Click on the Edit button OR Sharing button.

3. Select the desired sharing mode.

4. Click the Save and Close button to save the record.


To display the Calendar's content

Check the check box residing close to the Calendar name, in the available calendars list.