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This feature is available only in the advanced versions of the program

Channels are available under the Channels icon on the main bar.

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About Channels

The Channels module is a bi-directional system for sending and receiving Health-care Messages from other medical systems or medical devices:

The typical format of the messages is HL7. Other message types can be implemented on demand

For custom scenarios, the channels module can be customized, or third party HL7 connectors like Mirth Connect can be used, to transform source messages:

Using Channels Viewer

1. Use the left sidebar to change the content of the right panel (Inbox, Logs, ...)

2. Use the right panel to view received or sent messages, or manage your channels

Left sidebar fields

1. Inbox - the right panel will display received messages

2. Outbox - the right panel will display messages queued to be sent

3. Sent - the right panel will display the sent messages

4. All - the right panel will display all messages, regardless of type or status

5. Channels - allows the creation of new channels and the management of existing ones

6. Data Providers - allows the grouping of channels under the same provider

7. Logs - when selected, the right panel display the sending

Channels Permissions

You can control which user groups can access the module or can send to channels from Administration->Permissions