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Patient Chart viewer is available under the Records

The Patient Chart provides with the view and the management all the aspects related to a patient: demographics, appointments, medical records, documents, images, imaging, lab, billing and pharmacy.

These features will be available to users depending on their permissions. For example, pharmacists will have access only to the Pharmacy section

Visual structure

1.Left side bar

   1.1. Permits the selection of a new patient in the upper-left part

   1.2. Displays the patient's name, DOB

   1.3. Allows the navigation in the chart

2. Content - displays the content selected in the left side bar

How to use the Patient Chart

1. Open a patient in the chart by typing part of the name in the top-left box. You can press the button for more search details

2. For new patients, you can register new patient by pressing the button

3. Next navigate the chart by pressing the labels under the patient (SUMMARY, LISTS,...).

4. Each section content will permit the viewing of the current records and the addition\modification of the existing ones

5. Full Screen - can be switched from the Settings -> Full Screen

Choose your layout in dashboards

The Summary and Lists dashboard, you can customize the view by dragging and resizing the boxes, so they emphasize the items you're most interested in.

You can reset the layout to the default one by pressing Settings -> Reset Panels

Views in the Patient Chart