Release 3.2

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What's new in Patient Manager 3.2


Touch app for tablets and smartphones

Patient Manager Touch is web app which provides a read only interface for tablets and smart phones, which you can use the browse your database.

More details in Patient Manager Touch

Calendar Improvements

Completed Appointments

- You can mark you appointments as completed. They will appear with a check or grayed in the calendar

- You can mark appointments as completed also by saving a Patient Consultation with

- the home screen will not display your completed appointments

Calendar Settings - new settings were added

     Appointment double click - will jump to the Patient's Chart

Appointment right click - added Consult Patient which will pop up the Consultation Editor

Work Hours - Define your weekly work hours from Administration->Work Hours. More in Work Hours

Custom appointment Duration - for each calendar from Calendars Manager -> Edit Calendar. How to edit calendars in Multiple Calendars


Updated Patient Balance Sheet

Available under Patient Chart -> Billing and under Reports -> Financial

Consultation Registry

Extended with Medics filtering

Custom Columns

Patient Documents - OneNote support

Integrated in New  Patient Document

Edit by pressing Edit With System Editor