Release 3.4

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What's new in Patient Manager 3.4


Copayer Memberships and Plans, with coverages and discounts

Now you can enter complex copayer plans, for insurances, companies which cover for their employees, or even parents covering for their children.

More at Copayer Plans and Copayer Invoicing

Nurse Notes

Is a section in the program where nurses can enter clinical findings and patient documents with clinical findings. More at Nurse Notes

Billing Inpatient Admission Days

Starting with this update, you can bill admission days from Patient Chart, as easy you bill treatments and drugs. More at Billing Admission Days

Prescription info in Pharmacy

In Laboratory->Billable Drugs and Prepaid panels, press the marked button in the grid for prescription information

Items of type Drug

You can define items of type drug besides the treatments:

To import items of type drug you will need to add the AVAILABLE_AS_DRUG column with value 1 in the import file

Billable Prescriptions with Items of type Drug

To reduce the data entry faults when prescribing drugs for the pharmacy, we extended Items to be Available as Drug

Scenario 1 - Prescribe billable drugs

The drug names are hinted from the Items of type drug. The Drug Qty field is not available, as it should be contained in the items names

The program will warn if not enough drugs in company stock:

Scenario 2 - Prescribe drugs for external pharmacy

The drug names are hinted from the Drug Names. Also the of type Drug Qty is available for a more relaxed prescription entry

Items with separate Tax (VAT)

You can define for each item a separate sales Tax(VAT), which will be applied on billing

Support for translation in your language

You can translate the software in your language, and also test out the translation in the working copy. More at Translation