Release 3.5

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What's new in Patient Manager 3.5


Resources Management

Now you can easily manage the schedules of the resources like objects, devices, rooms and employees.

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Copayer Affilliates and Plan Items with Fixed Prices

You can associate an Affiliate to a Copayer Plan using the Copayer Plan Editor :

The affiliate will be recorded in the generated invoices, and you can generate copayer reports filtered by the Affiliate:

In the Items of the Copayer Plan, besides the discount option you can define fixed prices:

Expire Items

In the Supplier Invoice Editor you can set the expiry date of the received items as bellow:

Next you can generate reports with items expired or soon to be expired, from Reports->Company->Expire Items

Minimum Stocks

For inventory Items you can define the minimum stock from Billing->Items->Minimum Stocks

Next you can generate Low Stocks reports from  Billing->Items->Low Stocks

Import\Export of Location Price List and Copayer Plan Items List

Location Price List is available under Billing->Items, with the Import and Export features:

The Copayer Plan Items can be imported using the Copayer Plan Editor -> Items tab as bellow:

Round Computed Copayer Discounts

To eliminate fractional discounts, you can set this under Adminstration->Settings: