Release 3.6

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What's new in Patient Manager 3.6


Banking module

The Banking module provides a simple way of keeping track of the banking operations like deposits, retrievals and transfers. More details are available at Banking

Discretionary (Charity) Billing

You can enter charities by adding of negative prices in Patient Invoices as below:

Invoice Adjustments for Inpatients

This feature permits the automatic or manual entering of invoice adjustments for inpatients.

More details on this at Billing Adjustments

Secondary Price List

The secondary price lists provide a way of providing special prices to certain patients. For example to automatically apply lower prices to employees, you can create an Employees Price list, specify the patients which are employees and the price decrease.

You can define new price lists from Billing->Items->Secondary Price Lists

Notifications from Checkins

From this version, when a patient is checked in to a certain medic, that medic will receive automatically a message with the checkin details. Optionally the medic can set sound alerts from Administration->Settings, or by right click on the sys tray icon and press Settings

Social Networks fields

For contacts and patient you can enter their identity on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Skype. When entered, these will be visible also in the Patient Chart->Summary->Demographics