Release 3.7

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What's new in Patient Manager 3.7


Barcode printing and scanning support for Patients and Items

You can print patient barcodes and the identify the patients and items by scanning them.

More details are available at Patient Barcode printing and scanning and Item Barcode printing and scanning

Patient No custom format

The Patient No can be formated with custom templates and display like bellow

Item Serial Number (Lot Number)

You can set Serial Numbers to lots or individual items, and track them from purchase to delivery.

More details on this at Item Serial Numbers

Item Generic Name or Drug Active Substance

To ease the search of drug items by they generic name or active substance, the item was extended with the Generic Name field

When the medic adds new billable drug, he is hinted by Generic name too:

Item Description and Drug Prescription Notes

On the requirement to have drug prescription notes automatically set with the drug components, we extended the item with the Description field

To have the drug's prescription note automatically set from the item description, go to Administration->Settings and set flag bellow:

Next in Consultation Editor or Drug Prescription Editor add the drugs normally:

The notes field of the drug prescription line will be automatically filled with the item's description:


As part of the Medical Records the Recommendations concept was added. You can enter recommendations in Consultation Editor:

Partial Invoicing

To support the cases when the prescribed drugs and treatments are not invoice at once, but over time and with multiple invoice, we introduced Partial Invoicing. In Billable Items you can enter in the Bill Qty field the quantity to be invoiced, and on pressing the Build Invoice button that quantity will be considered. The remaining quantity will be available for future billing:

New Reports and Templates

Patient Billing Report - in Patient Chart->Billing->Summary Report

Patient Diagnoses Report - in Reports->Medical->Diagnoses

Patient Drug Prescriptons Report - in Reports->Medical->Prescriptions

Not paid Copayer Invoices - in Billing->Copayers->Unpaind Invoices   (available only for MySQL and SQLServer databases)

Patient Invoice template with Categories  - Invoice Editor->View Invoice->Select CustomerInvoice.Categories template

Copayer and Copayer Plan extensions

Added Coverage Limit per Invoice in Copayer Plan, so invoices greater that this limit are not allowed to be built

Added Member Number to Copayer's Plan members - which is the unique identification number in the copayer's databases

Added Practice Number in Copayer Editor, which is unique number that that medic or clinic has in the copayer's databases

Added Tax\VAT Handling in the Copayer Plan to cover complex scenarios

Patient Invoice covered by copayer member's plan

In case the patient in not member of a copayer plan, and for example he wants to be covered by a relative with coverage , that can be specified in the Invoice Editor by using the Use Membership Of field:

The printable invoice will containt besides the Patient, the copayer’s Member  and Member No:

New Permissions flags and Dynamic Security

You can set limit the editing and deleting in invoices, payments, receipts:

Or in medical records:

Dynamic security is provided by the Medical Records Of Inpatients flag, which when checked, the group will have access to the records of inpatients. Once the patient is discharged, the records will not be accessible to the group