Release 4.0

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Modern Style

Version 4 brings you a modern style interface, along side of the Office style. The sidebar can be minimized by double-clicking on the app name near the search box

More details are available at Sidebar Interface and Switch between Sidebar and Office Ribbon

Patient Timeline

The timeline is available as entry in the Patient Chart and gives you a clear view of the patient's records. You can add, edit or delete all records from here

More details are available at Timeline

Billing & Pharmacy Redesigned

These interfaces were updated for more clarity and to accommodate small screens

More details are available at Billing and Pharmacy

Patient & Medical Records Tags

You can apply relevant tags to patients and medical records, and then view them filtered by these tags.

Drug Warnings, Presets & Labels

Drugs presets will autocomplete the prescription with drug dosage, administration and frequency. Drug Labels can be printed and sticked to the dispensed drugs

More at at Drug Item Warnings and Defaults and Drug Item Warnings and Defaults

Cloud Folder Sync

You can sync medical records between different locations without directly connecting them. All you need is a file sync software like Dropbox, Google Drive or other similar.

Available under Tools->Cloud Folder Sync

More details are available at Cloud Folder Sync

Keyboard Shortcuts

Gain speed in working with the program, by using just the keyboar to jump between modules or initiate other actions. Go to User Settings->Keyboard Shortcuts to define your own shortcuts

More details are available at Keyboard shortcuts