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Custom Forms

You can design your own custom fields and forms for data entry:

More on the topic you have at Forms and Form Templates

Quick tutorials are at Forms Quick Tutorials and Form Templates Quick Tutorials

Custom Forms Integrations

To edit extended patient fields you can use the Integration in Patient Editor and Integration in Patient Chart

The Integration in Consultation extends the Patient Consultation to accommodate multiple Form Categories with the layout you require

Other integrations are Lab\Imaging, Nurse Notes and Treatment Plans

Additionally you may check the related Quick Video Tutorials on Forms

Checkin Extensions with new fields

Checkin Editor was extended with two new fields, so the medics can receive extra info on the reason of the visit

New Treatment Plan Action : Add Document

In Treatment Plan Entry Editor the Add Document actions can be set, so as task the nurses will fill up documents

Payment Methods Extensions

Under Payments, patient and copayer payments can be recorded with the payment methods bellow.

Each contains it's related set of fields, like card number or account no

Send Billing Invoice over Email

From Invoice Editor->View Invoice->Email, you can now send invoices as attachments with an existing Communication->Email Account:

Email Medic Appointments Reports

You can schedules the automated task of sending appointments reports to medics, using the Channels feature

The step by step process is available at Email Medic Appointments Reports

Disable Users and Medics

The users and medics not longer active in your organization, can be disabled by unchecking the Is Active field in Administration->Users->User Editor or Administration->Medics->Medic Editor

Once disabled these users will not be able to login into the system and their names will not be available for the creation of new records

Customizable Appointment Template

The Appointment Editor -> Mail Merge allows you to use your own custom templates

Calendar Exporting

From Calendar->Settings->Export you can export CSV\PDF files using the output mapping of your choice

New Calendar and Checkins Reports

New reports are available at  Calendar->Settings->Report and Checkins->Print

New Sold Items by Category Report

This new report is available under Reports->Billing