Sale price Suggestion on Purchasing

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There are scenarios in which the purchases department controls also the sale price of the items, as they have access to the purchase price

The purchases operator will be prompted with a to update the sale price while entering the purchase invoice. This process is triggered by if the buy price changed from the previous purchase

The sale price range to which the operator can apply changes, is defined at the Item Level and optionally at the Location level. The price range will be defined as a minimum profit percentage from the buy price in the purchase invoice line

Additionally a report with prices which should be updated will be available under Company->Items. This report will compare the item sale price and buy price, over the minimum profit percentage, both for the default prices and the location prices

This feature has to be enabled from Administration->Permissions:

Next, in Company->Location enter the Minimum Profit Percentage for each location

Next on adding a new purchase invoice line, if unit price differs from previously entered price, the following will pop up, which will allow you to change the Sale Price company wide, or per location: