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The following are the steps to translate the software:

1. Request the translation files from us

Request by email the resources files from us

2. Translate the received resources

Save the received files in a folder on your computer

Download and install the resource editor software from . Should you have problems getting the file contact us.

Open each sent file in the resource editor and translate the texts on the second column.


- the texts you translate, except long paragraphs, should be about the same length as the text you translate

- if the text you translate contains sequences like {0}, {1}, ..., these should remain in the translated text

- test drive what you translate with the program, and check if the your translated text fit well. If you have too long texts which do not fit well, shorten them. More details how to test drive you can find bellow

3. Send back the translated files

After you translate all texts, send us back the files for integration in the software.

Test drive what you translate

1. Go to Administration->Plugins->Plugin Manager

2. Click Import Plugin and enter Translator in the Guid field.

Next press OK, check the plugin in the list and press OK

3. In the main menu go to Plugins->Translator


4. In the Translator plugin set the folder of the translation resources and restart the application