Treatment Codes

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Treatment Codes is available under Administration -> Treatment Codes

These codes can be from any coding system. You can import ICD9 and ICD10 non billable codes which come with the system, or you can add or import your own

1. Billable Treatments

The codes in the BILLABLE section are billing Items with a defined sale prices and fully integrated in the billing system.

You can read more how to manage and import them in Items

2. Not Billable Treatments

This viewer maintains the master list of procedure codes. The codes will be available when entering patient treatments

Adding a New Procedure Code

1. Click the New button on the toolbar.

2. Enter information in the text boxes. Use the Tab key to move to the next text box.

3. Click the Save and Close button to save the record.


Editing a Procedure Code

1. Select a procedure code in the viewer and click the Edit button on the toolbar. The Procedure Code Editor opens.

2. Modify the details and click the Save and Close button to update the modifications.


Deleting a Procedure Code

1. Select a procedure code in the viewer and click the Delete button on the toolbar.

2. Click the Yes button to confirm. The selected code is deleted.


Importing Procedure Codes

Procedure codes can be imported from the default files or custom files.

1. Click the Import button. The Import Procedure Codes editor opens.

2. Choose to import from the default files or a custom file.

3. Click the Import button. The procedure codes from the file are imported to the database. Note that the process might take time to complete.

Exporting Procedure Codes

The procedure codes in the database can be exported to CSV files.

1. Click the Export All button.

2. Provide a name for the CSV file. Browse to the location where you want to store the CSV file.

3. Click the Save button.