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Depending on the number of network computers and volume of records you want to store, the following are our recommendations on choosing the database system:

1. For solo use - a single Computer with Low Volume of Records, Images and Documents

To cover this case, SQLite or Microsoft Access databases are sufficient. The Patient Manager applications come with a ready to use SQLitedatabase, so this is the out of the box solution.

2. Networked - Unlimited Records and Users

For this networked scenario we recommend MySql database. Here you the have best performance and virtually unlimited storage space for your medical records.

We strongly recommend installing MySQL with the DatabaseInstaller program. The steps are available at Installing MySQL in the network

If you install it manually, after installation you must Extend the max_allowed_packet variable to 300MB. The value of this variable is the maximum file size that can be stored in the database


Installing MySQL in the network

Choose the right Database

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