Database Setup

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Install new database or clear the demo database

Networked scenarios

We recommend installing a MySQL database on a central server. We made the installation straight forward and no technical knowledge is required. Follow the steps at Installing MySQL in the network to do the installation. More information on the topic you can find in Databases

Solo scenarios or Low Volume

Solo scenarios with a single computer and low volume of records can use the MSAccess database that comes by default with the program. You can clear out the demo content of the database from Tools-> Delete All Records in the ribbon

Change database password

We recommend changing the default database password to prevent unauthorized access to the records. Use the Database Password command under Tools to accomplish this.

The database password is the password that the program uses to connect to the database. If has no relation to the users of the program and their password.

Use with caution. All the computers that use the old password will need to be reconfigured to the new one

Change admin user password

The admin user is a system user that has full privileges in the program. By default it has no password and to prevent unauthorized access into the program we recommend the change of his password. On how to change a user's password read How to change a user's password

Connect network workstations

You can connect other computers in the network to your database. For MySQL database the step are available at Installing MySQL in the network

For multiple physical locations, you can access the same database through the Internet. The step are available at Connect over the Internet

Backup strategy

You can easily backups your database using the Backup or Schedule Backup command.

We recommend you make regular backups once a week and take copies of the backups to another locations


Installing MySQL in the network

Choose the right Database

Database Manager

Database Connection Wizard

Upgrade from Access Database

Connect over the Internet

Database Connection

Database Management