Release 4.4

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Consultation Locking

Each medic can lock owned consultations, so they cannot be edited or deleted as bellow:

More details are available at Consultation Locking

Edit treatment prices and quantities during Consultation

In Consultation Editor, simply click an entered treatment and change Quantity and Cost as bellow:

List selection in Lab and Imaging requests

Instead of checking request items, you now can select request items from a list as bellow:

Simplified Billing in Other Currency

If you need to bill a client in other currency than your company currency, you have available a very simplified process.

Complete the billable items with your work flow and build your invoice\receipt. Here simply change the currency and you will be prompted to update the unit prices with an exchange rate as bellow:

From here on, entering a payment or printing a receipt will be in the newly selected currency

Sale price Suggestion on Purchasing

This feature allows the purchases department to apply changes to the sale price, when purchase prices change, right from the Purchase Invoice Editor:

More details are available at Sale price Suggestion on Purchasing

New Reports: Location Prices and Suggested Sale Prices

The system supports two new reports for easier price management

Add to Stock through Quick Transfers

During billing, the operator can add to the location stock using Quick Transfers:

Multiple Calendars in Today events

You can select which calendars to view in your home window