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The Plans section of the Copayer Dashboard allows the definition or one or more plans for the current copayer.

A plan contains a list of members and describes the coverages and discounts for those members. It also allows the entering of special coverages and discounts on certain Items, and the assignment of a certain Copayer Affiliate to the plan

Information how to use the copayer plan you can find in Copayer Invoicing

Adding a new Plan

1. Click the Add Plan button on the toolbar. More details on how to fill this in Copayer Plan Editor

2. Enter information in the text boxes. Use the Tab key to move to the next text box.

3. Click the Save and Close button to save the record.

Editing a Plan

1. Select a plan in the viewer and click the Edit button on the tool bar.

Deleting a Plan

1. Select a plan in the viewer and click the Delete button on the tool bar.

2. Answer Yes to the confirmation prompt to remove the Plan.