UltrasoundNow - New Zealand - Case Study

About the client

Main Office:
86 Victoria Avenue
New Zealand


1. Ultrasound
2. Urology



The main requirement from UltrasoundNOW was the secure communication with other medics in New Zealand through HealthLink system.

The implementation consists in:
- a server with MySQL database
- 3 workstations running Patient Manager Advanced


Patient Manager Advanced was extended upon request with:

1. Connectivity with other medics in New Zealand through the HealthLink system, which is based on a local extension of HL7
2. Labels customization
3. Data migration
4. Customization of the financial documents templates
5. Reports customizations

What is the customer saying

"We needed a software compatible with EDI Healthlink EReferrals in NZ, to send and receive referrals and letters. We liked Vertikal Systems' medical and billing software for its easy to use interface. Vertikal did integrate the EReferrals system and provided customizations specific to our practice. We're using the system since 2015, and we highly recommend it."

Terry Brown
Director / Senior Sonographer
MSc (Med US) Nat Dip (Rad)
Ultrasound Now Limited