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"This is all my medical records from 2009-2014 !

Each record is only 1 fold of thick paper. Quantity? Around 20k I think.

No wonder it slows the registration process :) and not to mention space consuming ! Now?

It's only 105mb ! *or 1gig if exported and synced"

Dr. Arthur S. Simon SpKK
Dokterkulitku Clinic


I have been using the PMA for about 3 years now. I have been very happy with the software and technical support offered.

Dr. Poyap James Rooney MBBS, PG Dip AVM
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Purpose of Hospital Manager in Shawsand Medical Centre, is to have proper medical documentation of the patients, financial statements, end of year report, paperless workplace, stock accountability/pharmacy.

Vertikal Systems customized the system upon our requests and now we use it in all our departments.

Prof. Gbaranen B. Gbaanador Chief Medical Director / Chief Executive Officer
Shawsand Medical Centre
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What we wanted:

To get results in real time, the system should be able to emulate and optimize manual operations in real time, most systems have a high input costs that do not go by the size of our operation.

With the HMS we got Vertikal Systems it is essential for us the exceptional quality and service with an accessible entrance value according to our operation, and high scalability that made it an excellent choice.

Dr. Elsa Chang Administrative manager
Hospital Privado Hermano Pedro
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I have used many EMR software before, and they all failed at some point. There were either problems with admissions, Patient Filing, Pictures, schedules, ... Patient Manager is far more advanced and comprehensive. Few tweaks were necessary at first.

The BEST part of it all is the support. Almost all my demands were met and applied, and believe me I am demanding when it comes to clinic software because I have tried so many.

I am very happy with this software, and encourage all to give it a try.

Dr. Sami Saad Plastic Surgery Clinic
LSPRAS Secretary
ISAPS National Secretary

I have been using Patient Manager for the last 3 years in my practice. I am extremely satisfied not only with the software but also with the maintenance. I would highly recommend Patient Manager.

Harris Zavrides M.D, Ph.D Plastic Surgeon

I have been using Patient Manager Advanced for the last one year in my practice and i am extremely satisfied not only with the program but also the extremely dedicated and customer friendly staff of vertikal systems. I would highly recommend this software for all those medics who are serious about quality maintenance of their records but also want a peace of mind.

Dr Pankaj Sayal The Lung Center
New Delhi

I downloaded this software in May 2010 to enable better patient record keeping at our mine site clinic. We have had many little hiccups at the very start of using the program, but the service help has been absolutely great. We have find the system a fantastic help in generating, and send reports to our clients and for sending on to GP and hospitals. Life is so much easier by the use of email interface, and report generating all within one program, no need to have multiply programs opened.

When I have asked for help, the assistant has been within the 24hrs, which if great, I recently asked about archiving clients who were no longer with us and we were provided with a program update within 24hrs to address this, Fantastic!!

Great system, wonderful online assistance and very quick response. Recommend this to anyone who is looking to move up and away from paper and files, for a much more user friendly and compact Patient Manager system.

Sandra Burns Clinic Manager
Ngarda Civil and Mining, Yarrie Mine Site
Western Australia, Australia

After working with more EMR softwares we were skeptical that we'll find a software to cover all aspects of our daily routine. We did give Patient Manager a try, as it offers 3 month of free use with no strings attached.

The purchase decision was made after 1 month, as it was clear that this is the right program for us. I highly recommend this software.

Dr Mohammad Nasir Rashid Principal Hair Transplant Surgeon
M.B.B.S. (K.E)
Hair Club
Lahore, Pakistan

We had been searching for specific customable clinic software for our Homoeopathic Practice for several years and had even purchased local version, with which we were not satisfied.

Since 2006, we started using the Patient Manger Advance network version, it has been really great, easy to use and great support by Vertikal Systems. It has really improved our working structure.

We recommend this to anyone looking for a clinical software before purchasing any other clinic software at least try the TRIAL VERSION , we are sure you will get great support.

Mr & Mrs Sidhu Homoeopathic Health Clinic
London, UK

I started to use this software back in 2010 and used it ever since for both my private work as well as for the NHS activity in my particular field of expertise. It is well written and allows for significant and useful customization.

The team in Romania has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and adapted the interface for the use in the NHS in the UK. The software has a very intuitive interface and holds very useful features. The facility to communicate from within the software is really helpful and comes as a bonus at lower costs compared with other software on the market.

For individual use in our private practice I strongly recommend Patient Manager Advanced as it is really good value for money.

Serban GHEORGHIU, MD PhD Consultant Colorectal & Pelvic Floor Surgeon
York Teaching Hospitals, UK

From experience on Hospital Management and Information System your product is the best and suitable to my country need (Nigeria). See below:
1. It is affordable
2. It is user friendly
3. It is cost effectively
4. It is simple
5. It is very detail
6. It cut across every sector in medical line.

Oduleye Folorunsho Lagos, Nigeria

We have customized the software for the needs of our medical clinic and despite its many functionalities, the unique things I mostly like are:
- "Checkins" of clients done by the front desk, Doctors are aware of the time admission of their patients by a click of a finger.
- "CSV File" exports the calendar appointment schedule and sends messages and emails to clients reminding them about their booked appointments. It's an excellent tool of good service.
- "Client's picture and filing" is definitely a better way for data storage.

Sandra SALAMEH Assistant General Manager
Belallure Beauty Doctors
Beirut, Lebanon

We are using the patient manager software at our clinics at Soft Beauty since one month from now.

Finally I can say that we found a user friendly software that gives complete solutions for patient files, accounting, reporting, prescriptions and reports...

I can assure that is an all one software!!

Dr. Maxim Baini Owner and Lead Consultant

We have been using Patient Manager medical software by Vertikal Systems since 2009, it was our choice after comparing and considering many other competing products.

We found the program to be robust on the network as it did not utilize or require large amounts of system resources for processing of data, easy to install, with a very short learning curve enabling mastery of the program in a very quick time frame, and of course acquisition of the software was by far more economical, allowing us to remain within budget and last and very important we found the technical staff at Vertical Systems, providers of the Patient Management program to be prompt and courteous in responding to all our queries.

George Vanderpool CEO HealthCare Barbados

Advantages as an EMR are many:
1. It is user friendly. In fact, it was quite easy to learn to navigate it, whether as doctors or secretaries
2. Interface very appealing
3. The patients file I have to fill as a doctor is not complicated and cumbersome like the EMR I worked with in the USA
4. Of course like all EMR, it saved us space , increased the front desk efficiency, increased data retrieval speed
5. can share patients files with other doctors in the same multi-specialty practice (it is used by 8 doctors of different specialties in our practice).
6. The benefit to cost ratio is very high , definitely recommend it !!

Dina Zayour Ezzeddine, M.D., AGAF, FACP Gastroenterology and Hepatology Consultant
PriMed Clinics
Beirut, Lebanon

When we were inquiring about the appropriate EMR to serve our medical files management, one of the most system that I have been truely interested in, amongst dozens of EHR,being promoted over the webs was the Patient Manager by Vertical Systems.

My experience with the system has met my expectation. Docsis became my real partner in management So friendly in its usage, with a wonderful reporting feature not found in all EMR, the multiuser interfaces, and above all its efficiency(cost versus benefit)and the follow up by the specialised team for maintenance and upgrading ranking it among the best.

I recommend this software as a physician and health manager

Dr Bernard Kfoury Family Physician
CEO of Doctors SOS
Beirut, Lebanon

Right after I started using Patient Manager, I was so happy with it as it fulfills all my requirements. The software maintenance and support are excellent. It is simple, user friendly and a more systematic data storage. Wonderful online assistance and very quick response. Very good program for clinical systems.

Jossys Ayur Care Uppinangady, Karnataka, India

Patient Manager 3 is a big leap forward compared to Patient Manager 2 regarding the facility and easiness of consultation and handling of patient clinical records.

Dr Antonio Salema Carcavelso, Portugal

I have been using Advanced Patient Manager to manage my clinical psychology practice for several years now. I am extremely happy with the package. It is very reliable and performs as advertised. It is user friendly and intuitive. I particularly like the fact the we can have two people working on the database at different work stations at the same time without conflict.

I have also been extremely satisfied with the technical support provided. Responses to any questions I've had have been timely and very helpful. The on-going upgrades to the package in response to requests from users including myself have been excellent. I couldn't be more pleased.

Martyn R. Thomas, M.A., C.Psych.Assoc. Psychological Associate
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have started using Patient Manager 8 months ago, and I am so happy with it as it fulfills all my requirements. The software maintenance and support are excellent.

Dr. Amira Faisal Behbehani Farwaniya, Kuwait

The benefits I got so far include:
1. No paper files.
2. A more systematic data storage.
3. A quicker access to data.

Rafic Baddoura Chef de Service de Rhumatologie
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Hotel-Dieu de France
Universite St Joseph
Beirut, Lebanon

The Patient Manager Advanced Programme has all the functionality I need to run my practice. It makes EMR storage easy while also helping with billing and accounts.

The programme support that I've experienced since adopting the programme into my practice has been excellent. I recently had an invoice issuing problem, which I contacted the Patient Manager team about and I had an update meeting my specifications within one week.

It's super. I highly recommend it.

Alan Moynihan MSc. Chartered Physiotherapist
Dublin, Ireland

Dermatec Med Aesthetic Clinic Malta is a very busy clinic offering medical and aesthetical services and we were striving to find the perfect software in order to remove the loads of paperwork involved.

After searching locally and through internet to find the correct software, I came through Patient Manager Advanced offered by Vertikal Systems, among others. I downloaded a couple of trial versions including Patient Manager Advanced, and definitely, after an intensive test to see which program was best, I have to say that I am proud that I chose the Patient Manager Advanced offered by Vertikal Systems.

This software is very easy to handle, very fast, and has all the requirements that one would need in a busy clinic.

Above all, their customer service is superb, thanks to their Chief Technology Officer.

Patient Manager is a software that is full of features including, appointment scheduling, automated reminders, point of sale, treatments, consultations ….. you name it and it’s there, and if not, it will be customised for your needs.

Thank you Vertikal Systems

Renato Griscti SAC Dip (UK) Dermatec Med Aesthetic Clinic
Ghaxaq By Pass, Ghaxaq

Patient Manager project manager and system developers were extremely helpful in the analysis of our requirements and in the adaptation of the application to fit our clinical and real time business model.

Having a practice management solution means every facet of our practice works in concert with each other from clinical staff services to claim authorizations to billing and collections. Our customized version of Patient Manager is able to integrate the different processes involved in our chain of services.

The after sales follow ups and response to additional requests were very good. Patient Manager is used by our physicians, nurses and clinical assistants. They love the simplicity of the system and the ease of managing the application. Our physicians appreciate very much the capability to upload radiological images and clinical reports. Our health and wellness educators use Patient Manager to manage the different wellness and disease management programs.

Elia Abdel Massih, M.D., M.Sc. Executive Director
Achrafieh, Lebanon

Thank you and Dev Team for your kind efforts to fill our customer needs, so far you and your team have succeded and want to express our Customer satisfaction for having such a Good Company backing their needs.

Juan Carlos Chang Distributor
Guatemala, Guatemala

Choosing a patient management software system is not an easy task for any medical practice, many factors have to be taken into consideration in making the right choice. We are extremely glad Vertikal Systems have delivered us a system that has become a real asset to CM Mediclinic. A system that is user- friendly, precise and secure and with its modern interface a pleasure to work with. Accurate patient and accounts reporting at the touch of a button, good day to day clinic/patient management recording and excellent software support.

Dr J Hawkins Medical Director CM Mediclinic
Chiang Mai, Thailand

It's an investment thats totallyworth it, very affordable compared to other system, highly customizable with a accommodative and helpful support team.

Easy to use, easy for staff to learn, sleek and fast, provide everything that a multiple room clinic need, even works also on multi clinic scenario, with cloud backup as a bonus

Dr. Arthur S. Simon SpKK
Dokterkulitku Clinic
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Highly customizable tool with an accommodative and helpful support team. Lots of support from the technical team .Gives you a comprehensive image of your activity ,not only from the medical aspect but also from financial and administrative aspect.

Easy to use, easy for staff to learn, provide everything that a multiple room clinic need, even works also on a small hospital .Nice graphics ,user friendly ,organized and exact .

Dr. Voicu Simedrea Obstetrics - Gynecology
1st Medical Clinic
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We needed a software compatible with EDI Healthlink EReferrals in NZ, to send and receive referrals and letters. We liked Vertikal Systems' medical and billing software for its easy to use interface.

Vertikal did integrate the EReferrals system and provided customizations specific to our practice. We're using the system since 2015, and we highly recommend it.

Terry Brown Director / Senior Sonographer
MSc (Med US) Nat Dip (Rad)
Ultrasound Now Limited
Invercargill, New Zealand
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