1st Medical Clinic - Romania - Case Study

About the client

Main Office:
Popa Sapca 20B
Timisoara, Timis


1. Gynaecology & Obstetrics
2. Imaging
3. Nutrition
4. Diabetes
5. Psychology
6. Pediatrics
7. Neonatology
8. Surgery
9. Dermathology



Dr. Simedrea's main request was that the system connect and download images from the GE Ultrasound Imaging devices

The implementation consists in:
- a server with MySQL database
- 6 workstations running Patient Manager Advanced


Patient Manager Advanced was extended upon request with:

1. Connectivity with GE Ultrasound Imaging, Point Grey cameras
2. Printing to special fiscal printers: Partner 500EJ, Partner 600
3. Treatment plans for gynaecology patient
4. Medics percentages calculation
5. Multiple image printing
6. Statistics on patients, diagnoses, treatments

What is the customer saying

"Highly customizable tool with an accommodative and helpful support team. Lots of support from the technical team .Gives you a comprehensive image of your activity ,not only from the medical aspect but also from financial and administrative aspect.

Easy to use, easy for staff to learn, provide everything that a multiple room clinic need, even works also on a small hospital .Nice graphics ,user friendly ,organized and exact ."

Dr. Voicu Simedrea
Obstetrics - Gynecology
1st Medical Clinic