General Features

New Interface Themes

Choose your preferred theme, from the newly added ones: White, Green and Purple

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To change go to User Profile->Theme

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Display Density

To increase readability more space was added to in the interface (e.g. in grids and sidebar)

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To change go to User Profile->Density

Widgets Color Coding

To draw visual attention on what’s important, you can choose the color of any dashboard widget

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To change the widget color, in the dashboard press Customize->Manage Widgets->Select the Widget->Press Properties link. Next choose the preferred color

Extended Add New Button

To reduce data entry time, the main Add New button was extended to allow the adding of any record type, based on the user’s permissions.
Time is not wasted this way to navigate into each module

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Built-in PDF viewer and editor. Acrobat Reader no longer needed

Acrobat Reader is no longer required to work with embedded PDF files:

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Report Designer

A simple drag and drop report designer was introduced, with the Xtra Report reporting engine.

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Reports can be printed or exported to any standard file format (PDF, Excel, Word, etc)

By default, the Xtra Reports have a Company Header, which can be customized from Company->Company or from Administration->Report Templates

For now the following have reports with the new engine: Patient, Patient Form, Patient Consultation, Test Case. We will steadily upgrade all reports into the system to this new format

Tutorials on how to use the designer are available at

Print\Export in all main viewers and dashboards

You can easily export your lists, e.g. patients list or contact list, to all main file formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc)

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All dashboard widgets containing tables can now be printed or exported:

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Public Holidays in Calendar

To prevent scheduling of patients during public holidays, you can add the list of dates you want reserved.

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To change go to Calendar->Public Holidays

Medical Records

Patient Editor re-designed

To better focus on this editor with lots of fields, we redesigned it with collapsible regions, so you can minimize the regions of less interest

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The version 5 legacy editor is still available from: Patient Editor->Settings->Layout->Switch to v5 legacy

Providers other than medics are supported

Due to many requests, we introduced the concept of Provider, which can be either a Medic\Doctor, but also an assistant or other staff member who works on the patient

In this sense, in the medical records, the Medic labels were renamed to Provider

In the Administration->STAFF menu, the Medics section remains the same, and the Other Providers section was added to manage the non-medic providers.

dark and light

All providers, either medics or simple providers, allow the assignment of revenue rates, under Company->Revenue Rates

Correct mistyped fields in bulk

You can correct in bulk invalid patient field values, like City, State,Zip or country from Administration->Categories->Corrections

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Import Consultations

You can import Consultations with Diagnosis and description from csv files

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To import go to Records->Activities->Consultations->Settings->Import

Consultation Report Extended

Consultation reports contains both consultation fields and the fields from all associated patient forms

Also their customization can be done using the Report Designer

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Auto-calculated fields in Patient Forms

Field values can be auto-calculated from other field values on a Patient Form.

The Formulas can be set at the Patient Form Template level, and they will apply automatically when filling up the form.

For example, the BMI field bellow is auto calculated when the Height and Weight are entered:

dark and light

In the template designer, the formula for the field can be entered in the Formula section:

dark and light

The formulas can be designed with a friendly Formula Editor, which points out the supported fields and operations.

dark and light

Should you need help in designing the forms with auto-calculated fields, kindly contact us

Complaint Form Fields to Appear in TimeLine

You have the option to include complaints entered in Patient forms in the Timeline:

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Register Patients by scanning their ID

From Records->Patients you can add a new patient by scanning an ID, and extracting meaningful fields like name, DOB and ID using OCR techniques:

dark and light

Currently IDs in MRZTD2 format are supported. To integrate formats used in your region, please contact us.

You can download and test the features with the image from sample

To adapt the scanning to IDs in your country, please contact us


Billable Patients Widget

Quickly view the patients with Billable Items, and jump to their dashboard:

dark and light

This widget is available in Home or Billing dashboards

Patient Billing section was extended

The following were added: Billing Notes Widget, Billable Items, Prepaid Items and Estimates

dark and light

Billing Estimates\Quotes were added

You can give your patients estimates for the upcoming treatments, and later build invoices\receipts from them

dark and light


Purchase Orders was added

You can generate orders for service or inventory items to your suppliers, and later convert them into Purchase Invoices

For inventory items, the orders can be generated from Low or OK Stocks

dark and light

This feature is available in Purchases->Purchase Orders

Auto update supplier Buy Price from last entered invoice

Under Administration->Settings you can enable the automated process, that will run in the background every few minutes

dark and light


Item Editor redesigned

To better focus on this editor with lots of fields, we redesigned it with collapsible regions, so you can minimize the regions of less interest

dark and light

Merge Item Categories

If you have to many item categories, you can now merge them together into a single one

dark and light

The feature is available in Company->Items->Item Categories->Merge Categories

Inventory Fallback Location

When certain item in not in stock while billing on the billed location, a transfer of the required quantity is made in the background from the Fallback Location

dark and light

You can set the Fallback Location in Company->Locations->Edit Location

Data Entry Permissions per Location

You now can limit per each location which are the groups permitted to do data entry

dark and light

This can be set from Company->Locations->Edit Location or from Administration->Module Permissions

Inventory Module was added

Sections from Items were grouped here, along with quick dashboards

dark and light

Minimum Stock Extended with OK stocks

Besides Minimum Stocks, you can define OK stocks level, and either order or request transfer on these levels. Both Minimum and OK levels can be used to build purchase orders, transfers and transfer requests

dark and light

Feature available under Company->Inventory->Minimum Stocks

Transfers and Transfer Requests from Low Stocks

You can create Transfers and Transfer Requests from Low\OK stocks

You will not need to type in every quantity, the editor will autofill the quantities for the items you need

dark and light


Ignore Old Financial Records

If you have years old unbalanced invoices or pending billable item, you can set up to simply do not load records before certain date

For example, having the setup as in the screenshot bellow, only the financials after Jan 1st 2019 will be displayed in the software

dark and light

The feature is available in Administration->System->Records Ignore

Other Financial Features

  • In Module Permission, you can setup rule for Items with value 0.00, to be excluded from generated Invoice or Receipt
  • In Company->Prepaid Items option to confirm delivery for multiple rows delivery
  • In Reports->ItemStocks report, option to include Billable Items column was added

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