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Demographics Bulk Updates

You can correct in bulk invalid patient demographic field values, like Company, Nationality, etc from Administration->Categories->Corrections

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Editors Settings

You can set for all users the behaviour of the editors. For example Mandatory Fields or Visible Fields

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Purchase Invoice Attachment

Purchase Invoices attachments can be scanned or uploaded along with the invoice. From Permissions the attachment can be made mandatory

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Billable Copayers Widget

Quickly view the list of Copayers with balance. The widget can be added manually, or by resetting the tabs underBilling->Copayers->Customize->Reset Tabs to Default

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Billable Patients Widget extended

This widget's Settings enable the toggle of the display for the patient's Company or Copayer

New Medical Item Types

As new medical types under Item Editor you have available the Diagnosis type and two custom types which can be renamed as needed.

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New Invoice Print Templates

You can now generate invoices with the newly added item types, by groupping or summarizing by item type

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Copayer Income by Item Type report

This new report is available under Billing->Copayer->Income By Item Type. The report pivots all invoice lines and groups them by item type.

Billable Items Auto Checks

The Billable Items now allows the autocheck of items on a certain date or depending on the inpatient\outpatient status of the patient for those entries.

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Latest News

6.2 version

High DPI, Calendar, DICOM, ...

We added High DPI support, new Calendar Statuses and Flags, Multi row Mail Merge.

Also a new DICOM PACS system integration comes with this version.

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Major version and
DICOM integration

With added general improvements in usability, exporting and reporting. Medical records got Autocalculated fields. New features in Billing and Purchases. Major redesign of Lab\Imaging modules.

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